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Chalcidoptera appensalis Snellen, [1884]; PED 14

  • Taxonomy

    The male lectotype of Chalcidoptera appensalis Snellen, 1884: 41 Pl. 3, fig. 12, det. by Munroe et al. (1958: 68) TL Java (Rembang), is in the Leiden Museum.

    Syn. Cotachena fimbrialis Gaede, 1917: TL New Guinea. The type is in the MfNH, Berlin.

    nec syn. var [Chalcidoptera] aethiops Gaede, 1917: 393, TL Togo, (Bismarkburg). A good sp. (Maes 1996: 271).

    Syn? Conogethes aedilis Meyrick 1887: 227. TL Australia (Q, Townsville) [ = Patania excurvalis Warren, 1896] is very similar and may also be syn.

    These brown and white spp. do not resemble most of the other Chalcidoptera spp. and may be better placed elsewhere. See Conogethes [Patania] aedilis Meyrick, 1887: which Shaffer et al., placed in Patania Moore, [1888] 1879-1888: 209. Comb. n. (Shaffer et al. 1996). There is also little difference between the sexes unlike more typical Chalcidoptera spp.

    Generic placement in doubt.

  • Description

    Wing Length: 10mm. This is a distinctive brown species with a white post median patch. The presence of white spots varies slightly as in var fimbrialis Gaede.

  • Distribution & Habitat

    Diego Suarez, Sri Lanka, India (Assam, South, Sikkim, Nagaland), Thailand, Burma, W. Malaysia, Brunei, Sabah, Kalimantan Selatan, Indonesia (Java), New Guinea. China (Yunnan). Lowland primary & secondary forest; <1000m.

  • Life History & Pest Status

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  • Similar spp.

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  • Unrelated Look-alikes

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  • References

    Gaede, M. (1917c) Neue Lepidopteren des Berliner zoologischen Museums. Mitt. Zool. Mus. Berlin, 8: 385-404. [In German]

    Meyrick, E. (1887) On Pyralidina from Australia and the South Pacific., Trans. ent. Soc. Lond.: 20: 185-268.

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  • Genitalia

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  • DNA Barcode

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  • 3D Imaging

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  • Spare

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